Bridging the Gap Between Science and Business

For a long time the worlds of science and business have been thought of as separate entities. Scientists were seen as people who were solely committed to advancing knowledge, whereas business professionals were responsible for transforming that research into new products and services. However, more emphasis is being placed on bridges between these two domains to spur innovation.

This is particularly true in scientific fields like medicine, where taking effective decisions under pressure is essential to success. It is also the case in more applied fields such as engineering, agronomy and computer science. In the latter case, a strong grasp of problem-solving skills and the ability to think seriously about alternative solutions can determine the success or failure of an enterprise.

It is also widely recognized that the scientific method is the most effective option for businesses. This includes the ability to experiment and refine in order to attain the desired results. A complete understanding of uncertainty and risk is also vital.

There are some commonalities between business and science, but there are many distinctions. For example, while business talks about sustainable profits, science focuses on sustainability in the context of resource use. The desire for profit may lead to the over-exploitation of a resource, eventually leading to its exhaustion.

Both careers require a lot of hard work and dedication. If you’re in the right mindset then the rewards can be enormous.

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